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17_meteo_profile (from server contents)


TA_1_1_1number of values: 51375median: 13.76mean: 14.41standard deviation: ±4.40range: 4.46-27.81

TA_1_2_1number of values: 51375median: 13.71mean: 14.34standard deviation: ±4.40range: 4.20-26.03

TA_1_3_1number of values: 63361median: 13.83mean: 14.52standard deviation: ±4.51range: 4.20-26.73

TA_1_4_1number of values: 63361median: 14.16mean: 14.85standard deviation: ±4.65range: 4.27-27.77

TA_1_5_1number of values: 63361median: 14.28mean: 14.93standard deviation: ±4.61range: 4.32-27.66

TA_1_6_1number of values: 63361median: 14.34mean: 14.94standard deviation: ±4.38range: 4.76-27.34


RH_1_1_1number of values: 51375median: 73.95mean: 67.73standard deviation: ±26.09range: 0.00-100.00

RH_1_2_1number of values: 51375median: 77.47mean: 73.09standard deviation: ±19.34range: 15.22-97.16

RH_1_3_1number of values: 63361median: 71.88mean: 69.05standard deviation: ±21.01range: 12.88-96.98

RH_1_4_1number of values: 63361median: 70.06mean: 67.75standard deviation: ±21.46range: 12.11-97.21

RH_1_5_1number of values: 63361median: 69.10mean: 67.15standard deviation: ±21.27range: 12.56-97.49

RH_1_6_1number of values: 63361median: 67.83mean: 66.35standard deviation: ±20.65range: 13.24-97.46


WD_1_1_1number of values: 51375median: 169.67mean: 180.80standard deviation: ±89.89range: 0.00-356.70

WD_1_2_1number of values: 51375median: 150.88mean: 150.60standard deviation: ±73.58range: 0.00-357.67

WD_1_3_1number of values: 63361median: 175.45mean: 198.70standard deviation: ±97.27range: 0.00-358.72

WD_1_4_1number of values: 63361median: 163.68mean: 178.54standard deviation: ±89.47range: 0.00-357.52

WD_1_5_1number of values: 63361median: 170.23mean: 170.50standard deviation: ±85.45range: 0.00-358.62


WS_1_1_1number of values: 51375median: 0.40mean: 0.46standard deviation: ±0.31range: 0.00-2.62

WS_1_2_1number of values: 51375median: 0.40mean: 0.45standard deviation: ±0.29range: 0.00-3.38

WS_1_3_1number of values: 63361median: 0.45mean: 0.61standard deviation: ±0.47range: 0.00-4.75

WS_1_4_1number of values: 63361median: 0.53mean: 0.73standard deviation: ±0.58range: 0.00-4.68

WS_1_5_1number of values: 63361median: 0.87mean: 1.10standard deviation: ±0.86range: 0.00-5.95


PA_1_1_1number of values: 63361median: 84.15mean: 84.13standard deviation: ±0.25range: 83.10-84.74